Ep 4 | Chad Dravk

This was a fun episode to create. I hadn’t been to Philly for a long time and it was rad to visit the city again. Chad has a super crazy story and is one of the most creative people I have ever met. It’s definitely worth the 21 minutes and 48 seconds. Grab some coffee […]

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Ep 2 | Matt Arment

For the second episode I got to talk with Matt Arment. He’s the drummer for Dutchland Diesel and the owner of Arment Concrete. Matt’s story is super inspiring. And, too long to fit into 18 minutes. Keep an eye out for outtakes and extras.  

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Ep 1 | Chris Malmberg

This is the first episode of What is Skateboarding. Chris is a street photographer who captures some pretty amazing images. Since we did the interview, Chris and his wife Michelle became parents to beautiful twins. Keep an eye out for an updated version of this episode in the future.  

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What is Skateboarding?

What is Skateboarding explores the connections between skateboarding and creativity. I’ve always been aware that all of my friends — most of whom are skateboarders, or, I’ve met them through skateboarding, were super creative. Photographers, musicians, painters, woodworkers, printers, designers… the list goes on and on. So, I decided to start telling the stories of […]

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